Human Biocatalysis

 In my definition Human Biocatalysts (HB) are human beings able to catalyze human relationships in a very selective way.  The activity of a Human Biocatalyst is to interconnect people with reciprocal affinity by selecting them among huge numbers of other people. A HB is able to stimulate reactions between people through the communication, in order to obtain real products (ideas, discoveries, inventions).  As a catalysts a HB could be inhibited and poisoned or accelerated. As a catalyst a HB works better in a determinate range of environmentally conditions (groups, societies..)
(maxp 6-10-2006)

Human Quantum Biocatalysis In our definition Human Quantum Biocatalysts (HQB) are human beings able to catalyze human relationships through quantum entanglement (here we intend quantum entanglement of three tubulin qubits of three different brains). Consider Max, Paula and Elian, P and E replace the usual quantum couple Alice and Bob M is the HQB.
The commutative diagram of the classical case becomes now the associative property of the connective @

(QP @ QE) @ QM = QP @ (QE @ QM)

This property cannot be demonstrated in Basic Logic because the third qubit M plays the role of a context on the right , then in this case Basic Logic must be extended to BR.The right connective @ has a symmetric, the left connective § for which the associative property requires a context on the left. In this case we should consider BL. The maximally entangled state of three qubits is the GHZ state D M Greenberger, M A Horne, A Shimony, and A Zeilinger. Bell theorem without inequalities Amer. J. Phys., 58(12):1131-1143, (1990)

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